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Debris removal and construction by victims

On the edge of Port-au-Prince, near the national airport you can find Petit Paradis. This is a piece of 6,000m2 of land, where a community of 30 Haitian families will be living this year. The special thing about this project is that one unskilled and unemployed member of each family will be realizing this project under our leadership. Petit Paradis, should be a prestigious pilot project, a replicable formula used by organizations whose core task is to create safe, affordable housing for disaster victims and the disadvantaged. We want to share our knowledge and technology developed in this area with these organizations.

Happy families from deadly debris

On 12 January 2010, a major earthquake destroyed large areas of Haiti, leaving 230,000 dead, 310,000 injured and 1.3 million homeless. Of these 1.3 million people, 85% is living below the poverty line in poorly built houses and shacks. The international community pledged $13 billion; Netherlands donated 110 million euros.
After more than five years, the infrastructure and nature is covered with 25 million tons of debris, the equivalent of half a million safe houses of 40m2.  With our knowledge and technology we can transform this debris into Haitian communities consisting of affordable, earthquake resistant homes.
Petit-paradis1      Petit-paradis2

Doing is the only way

The Mobile Factory has developed a approachable mobile technology that will guarantee the improvement of future prospects for the many victims of the disaster. After 5 years these victims still live in ghetto-like camps and are mainly uneducated and unemployed.  Although we succeeded to build model homes at our campus in the Port of Amsterdam from 100% construction debris, it has not been possible to find funding to create a structural approach. Therefore, we decided to develop the pilot project Petit Paradis ourselves. The plot is at our disposal, the plans are ready and we have had workshops with the families to identify their needs. The Haitian community will be developed and build by the residents themselves. Last year, socially engaged citizens and businesses provided the financing of our first  Mobile Factory named the Flying Dutchman. This containerized technology processes construction debris into Lego building blocks, which allows the construction of high-quality housing. Read all about our technology in our manual.
werkende-hand3     werkende-hand4

From a receiving hand to a working hand

Petit Paradis is the pilot that will provide insight to the emergency and public authorities into a practical solution of a major ecological problem, while providing jobs and housing for people at the bottom of society. To realize the pilot we campaign and we recruit Crew Members. Crew Members are involved people or companies who believe in our strategy. They donate one dollar or one euro and ask their network to do the same. If we will manage to make our campaign successful and realize our pilot, we will also be assured of great support for our view: that effective assistance should be sought to change a receiving hand into a working hand. Since debris, in volume, is the leading global environmental polluter, we will be able to create many jobs.
werkende-hand     werkende-hand2One man – one house – one day
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